2021年10月20日、本年度のGOOD DESIGN賞の発表が行われ、私たちがデザインを手がけた都市景観デザイン[歴史的水路「御殿堰」の再生]がおかげさまで受賞できたことは、すでにブログでご報告しました。

On October 20, 2021, the announcement for this year’s GOOD DESIGN Award took place, and we reported on our blog that our urban landscape design, “Regeneration of the Historic Waterway ‘Goten-zeki,’” which we had the opportunity to work on, was able to receive the award.


Usually, at this time of the year, there would have been a grand award ceremony somewhere in Tokyo. However, just like last year, it was canceled this year due to the impact of COVID-19.


Despite this unfortunate situation, we were fortunate this time to be provided with a location for the award exhibition by Yamagata City, the project owner. So, I would like to introduce it on this blog.


It’s a project of exceptional significance realized through collaboration between the public and private sectors, crossing boundaries. I’m truly delighted to have the opportunity to share this unique project with a wider audience.


Last week, from November 8th to 12th, we held a commemorative exhibition in the lobby of Yamagata City Hall. And from today, November 16th, to December 17th, we are continuing the exhibition at the first-floor showcase window in the Yamagata City Central Parking Lot, right next to Yamagata City Hall.


First, I will introduce the exhibition that was held in the lobby until last week.

山形市役所 外観 庇の奥が正面玄関で、その向かって右側にあるロビーで展示を行いました。/ Yamagata City Hall’s exterior, with the front entrance behind the eaves. The exhibition was held in the lobby to the right of it.



On the left side, we displayed a model of the award-winning urban landscape design “Regeneration of the Historic Waterway ‘Goten-zeki,” along with panels, certificates, and test prints of the information boards installed at the actual site. On the right side, we exhibited panels of the Yamagata Prefecture Tax Accountants’ Association building, which received the award last year.


上の写真の左側のテーブル上の展示内容 パネル、模型、レポート(A3判)、花崗岩文字象嵌モックアップ・・・

The items displayed on the table on the left side of the photo include panels, a model, a report (A3 size), and a mockup of the granite letter inlay.




The exhibition in the lobby concluded last Friday, on November 12th, and today, starting November 16th, it has been relocated to the first-floor showcase window at the Yamagata City Central Parking Lot, right next to Yamagata City Hall.

To make it more visible from the street, we have increased the size of the title and panels, but the content of the exhibition itself has not changed significantly.

We were provided with a great location right on Nanokamachi Avenue, a prominent street in Yamagata that hosts the annual Hanagasa Festival, by the project owner, Yamagata City.


On the left side in the photo is the current exhibition, and in the right background, you can see the Bunsho-kan, the former Yamagata Prefectural Office.










About the Bunsho-kan (Former Yamagata Prefectural Office):

After the establishment of the present Yamagata Prefecture in 1876, the first governor, Mishima Michitsune, began construction of the Yamagata Prefectural Office in 1877 and the Prefectural Assembly Building in 1883 in Hatagomachi. However, both buildings were lost in the great fire of the north of Yamagata City in May 1887. Reconstruction plans for both buildings were immediately formulated, and work commenced in April 1913. Both were completed in June 1916.

The designs were supervised by Seiichiro Chujo, originally from Yonezawa City, and designed by Shin’nosuke Tahara from Tokyo. The construction was directly managed by Yamagata Prefecture.

The former Prefectural Office and the Prefectural Assembly Building are both designed in the style of British Neo-Renaissance architecture and are connected by a passageway.

The former Prefectural Office is a three-story brick building with stone-clad outer walls. It was used as the prefectural office until 1975.

After the prefectural office relocated in 1975, both buildings were designated as national important cultural properties in December 1984. Subsequently, repair work began with the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1986, and the ten-year project was completed in September 1995.

The prefecture uses the “Yamagata Prefectural Former Prefectural Office and Prefectural Assembly Building” to preserve it as a valuable cultural heritage and to promote the culture of the prefecture. It was opened as the “Yamagata Prefecture Folk Museum” (commonly known as the Bunsho-kan) on October 1, 1995.

(Information sourced from the Bunsho-kan website)


At present, the “Yamagata Architects and the Nostalgic Streets Around Bunshokan” exhibition is being held at Bunshokan (the former Yamagata Prefectural Office) until December 4th.


Chuta Ito,  Seiichiro Chujo, and Toshikata Sano, great architects born in Yamagata Prefecture, are featured in one part, showcasing their works and achievements. The other part revisits the nostalgic streets of old Yamagata through photographs, newspapers from that time, and more.

GOOD DESIGN 2021 受賞記念展示にもどって…現在設営中/Returning to the GOOD DESIGN 2021 Award Commemorative Exhibition… currently under preparation.


正午頃、設営完了/ Around noon, the setup is complete.




On the lower left of the photo, you can see a map that shows directions to the actual location. From this exhibition space, it takes about a 6-minute walk to directly see the place where the “Regeneration of Goten-zeki” project was carried out.




夕方、より詳しい情報を得たい方のための、QRコードを追加で設置に行きました。/ In the evening, I went to install a QR code for those who want more detailed information.


スマートフォンでQRコードを読み取ると、それぞれのサイトから、プロジェクトに関するより詳しい解説や写真情報等にアクセスできるようになっています。/ Reading the QR code with a smartphone allows access to more detailed explanations, photo information, and more about the project from each respective website.


夜、ライトアップされた文翔館 / The illuminated Bunshokan at night.


The exhibition “山形の建築家と、文翔館を巡る懐かしい街並み” (Yamagata’s architects and the nostalgic streets around Bunshokan) at Bunshokan is a great exhibition. I encourage you to visit it.

その帰り道にでも、山形市中央駐車場1階のショーウィンドウに立ち寄って、「GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 受賞記念展示 都市景観デザイン[歴史的水路「御殿堰」の再生] 」をご覧いただければと思います。

On your way back, you can also stop by the showcase on the 1st floor of the Yamagata City Central Parking Lot to see the “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 Exhibition – Urban Landscape Design [Regeneration of the Historic Waterway ‘Goten-zeki’]”.


If you have the energy, since it’s not too far away, consider extending your walk to visit the actual site. (laughs)