2024年5月1日2日の2日間、中国安徽省池州市青陽県にある、「九華山下 山鳴台」を訪れました。コロナ禍のため、今回が竣工後初めての訪問となりました。

On May 1st and 2nd, 2024, I visited “Jiuhuashanxi Shanmingtai” in Qingyang County, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, China. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was my first visit since the completion of the construction.

2024年5月1日至2日,我访问了中国安徽省池州市青阳县的“九华山下 山鸣台”。由于新冠疫情,这是竣工后首次访问。





In September 2019, we conducted the basic design at our office, and afterwards, we proceeded with the detailed design together with the local office, while overseeing the design. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both Japan and China came to a standstill, causing the project to be temporarily halted.

The detailed design was eventually completed, albeit much later than planned, and construction began. However, travel from Japan to China was banned, preventing us from conducting the planned on-site supervision during the construction phase.

We managed the supervision remotely by having the local office send us photos of the construction progress and construction drawings via email. Occasionally, we also held web meetings with the client.

Over a year ago, we received the news of the completion of the construction and were sent the completion photos, but this time, the client invited us, and for the first time, I was able to visit the site and see the completed building with my own eyes, which was a relief.

There were a few parts that did not turn out as we had hoped due to not being able to visit the site even once during the construction, but I am grateful to the local team for doing such a great job under difficult circumstances.

Belatedly, and in an informal manner, we conducted the completion inspection. They mentioned that they would fix any issues that could still be addressed.






Here are the photos I took during my visit.



Exterior: Initially, during the basic design phase, we planned to paint the exterior walls with white insulating paint and leave the interior as exposed concrete. However, the client was pleased with the finish of the exposed concrete base, so it was decided to have the exterior finished in exposed concrete as well.


古村落のこの場所に残された民家の内部を再現したエントランスホール / Entrance Hall: Reproducing the interior of an old village house left in this location. / 再现古村落中遗留民宅内部的入口大厅。

中央にあるホール。トップライトから自然光が降り注ぐ。本棚には歴史書や文学、文化に関する本などが収められている。/ Central Hall: Natural light pours in from the skylight. The bookshelves are filled with books on history, literature, and culture. / 中央的大厅。自然光从天窗倾泻而下。本书架上收藏了关于历史、文学、文化等方面的书籍。

大会議室 / Large Conference Room / 大会议室。

大会議室 / Large Conference Room / 大会议室。

大会議室のロビー / Lobby of the Large Conference Room / 大会议室的大厅。

小会議室のロビー / Lobby of the Small Conference Room / 小会议室的大厅。

小会議室 / Small Conference Room / 小会议室。

小会議室 遠くに見える山が九華山 / Small Conference Room: The mountain visible in the distance is Jiuhua Mountain. / 小会议室。远处可以看到九华山。

展望スペース 水盤の水は、近くの自然の小川から取り込み、そのまま、元の流れに戻している。

Observation Space: The water in the basin is drawn from a nearby natural stream and then returned to its original flow.




These are the photos I, Hidehiro Yano, took during my visit.


空撮写真(向こうに見えるのが、中国の仏教の聖地、九華山)この写真のみ、E-ar X TARSの撮影です。

Aerial Photo: (In the background, you can see Jiuhua Mountain, a sacred site of Buddhism in China.) This photo was taken by E-ar X TARS.

空拍照片(远处可见中国佛教圣地九华山)。这张照片由E-ar X TARS拍摄。



I would like to thank Mr. Sun, our client; everyone at the Nanjing design office who worked with us on the detailed design; the local construction company; and the craftsmen who worked on the project.



この九華山下 山鳴台が、仏教の聖地を望むこの村を含む、地域一帯の活性化の一つの基点となることを願っています。

I hope that State of Mind Shanmingtai will serve as a cornerstone for the revitalization of the entire region, including this village overlooking the sacred Buddhist site.